Me And My Stoma

"It's My Bag"


I had my Ileostomy on the 18th March 2008, the medical name being a "Panprocolectomy"


This followed a good ten years of being in constant pain - some of it unbearable. Now, following the operation, I rarely have pain, and have only had to change my lifestyle a little.

When I realised the operation was a necessity, I tried to research some information on the internet about it, and what it would entail, but although I found some, it was not of much use - there was nothing I could follow from a patients' perspective.

Due to the lack of information available, and also as it helped me accept my new lifestyle, I thought I would write some notes up, in the hope that it may help others in the same situation as me. This website consists of those notes. Please note though the website is designed around an Ileostomy, and not a colostomy - most articles will still apply however - I'll look into detailing the differences in a future update.

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"Grateful for my surgery ..... it saved my life"