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I'll be posting any information I receive here on a regular basis as to the availability of new products, accessories, or just anything newsworthy. Please be sure to check back on a regular basis.
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14th March 2019
I've realised that I haven't updated this section for a while ... the truth is I've been too busy. As I approach the 11th anniversary of the creation of the stoma, I'll look to resume updating on a regular basis..

30th June 2018
Eakin are starting a duck hunt. A small purple plastic duck may be in your area ..... if you find one, take it with you and leave it somewhere easy to find. The duck that travels the furthest will win a prize. This is being done to promote awareness of people living with a stoma.

28th March 2018
Celebrating 10 years of my stoma - my new blog written for Eakin gives my top 10 hints - read it here.

27th March 2018
An interesting read ....please take a look. Magician Dynamo discusses his Crohn's - read it here.

18th March 2018
It's a very happy birthday to My Stoma - both this website and my phystical stoma are ten years old today ! - happy birthday mini-me.

6th October 2017
I've written a new blog for Eakin, this time discussing Parastomal Hernia's - the link can be found here. Please let me know if you like it!

4th October 2017
This gets complicated.... following my notice of redundancy at work, I've been busy trying to secure another job whilst being mindful of the operation coming up. I've been offered a job (which I have accepted) today, but it will mean postponing the operation for a year as I can't really take on a new job and then ask for three months off!

22nd September 2017
I have delevoped a nasty peristonial hernia that has been getting worse over the years, so today I had a post op check up to have this repaired. The operation itself is quite nasty and will probably result in the stoma being resited to the left of my body. Looks like I'll have plenty to write about soon! 

5th June 2017
I keep forgetting to update this area! - Respond are holding a coffee morning at the Ardington Hotel, Worthing on Wednesday 29th June between 10.00am and 12.00pm. Complimentary samples, accessories and tea/offee will be available! 

16th February 2017
It's been a while, but I've done another Blog for Eakin ... this time about the essentials for a shopping list following the first few days out of hospital.

10th Feburary 2017
The Forum is now live. Please visit the site at  and hopefully contribute.

21st January 2017
The new Stoma forum is up and running ... I'm still importing some information from the old site, but as the data is incompatible I have to manually transfer which takes time. Please visit the site at

7th January 2017
I've decided to bring back the forum for the site so we can all discuss and share stories, information and Ideas. It's a little involved to intigrate but I will try to have this live by February

14th December 2016
On Thursday 15th December between 4-5pm (GMT), 7-8pm (AEDT) and 9-10pm (NZST), our clinical advisor will be live on our forum to take your questions on managing your stoma during the Christmas period and ensuring you are set for a relaxing and happy Christmas. No questions are too silly, please feel free to come and join us! Visit

2nd September 2016
I found this today whilst trawling the internet - I'd be interested in this ... would you?

29th April 2016
Eakin have devised a new site devoted to the blogs that I contribute into ... the site is listed here - A Bigger LifeMore details of this is on the "links" menu ....

3rd March 2016
Blog number five for Eakin covers clothing ... what is best for individuals? - take a look at 

19th February 2016
Pelican Healthcare are having a get together at the Ardington Hotel, Worthing on Wednesday 9th march 2016 between 11.00am and 2.00pm. - representatives from the company will be there to discuss new products and to offer samples as necessary.

3rd February 2016
Blog number four for Eakin Seals is up and running on their website ... its located at - this month is discuss changing an Ostomy bag. Which is best, a One Piece or Two Piece?

11th January 2016
Blog number three for Eakin Seals is up and running on their website ... its located at  month three discusses what foods are best to avoid and which are good for us.

8th December 2015
Blog number two for Eakin Seals is up and running on their website ... its located at  - month two talks about regaining confidence following surgery.

26th November 2015
Eakin Cohesive Seals have asked me to write a monthly blog covering many aspects of stoma care (to which I have agreed) - blog number one is on the following link - for the first month, I wrote about my history prior to a Stoma, and the reasons why I have one.
28th August 2015
Coloplast have published my Blog on their website ... its located at

25th August 2015
SecuriCare are holding an open evening at the Seattle Hotel, Brighton Marina on Thursday 1st October 2015. The presentations will start at 7.30pm, but they are requesting arrival at 7.00pm to allow for drinks.  
A Stoma Nurse will also be present and will hold a clinic (by appointment). More details are available by calling 0800 318965 and quoting "Brighton Evening Invitation."

25th June 2015
Clinimed are having an "open day" to show off their new range of Welland Aura 2-piece closed and drainable pouches. This will take place at the Pashley Suite at Shoreham Airport on Tuesday 28th July 2015. 10.00am start.
Please note - the car park is pay and display.

15th June 2015
Have received the "Travel Pack" in the post as detailed below. It is small, but lightweight. I personally cannot get a spare Stoma Bag, wipes, disposable bag, spray, and collar inside without having a degree in origami. However, it is free, so I cannot complain.
One word of warning - if you do not like marketing calls then do not apply for this. The company have to make money to give these away, and their way is to ask you to try their delivery company.

4th June 2015
Bullen Healthcare are offering a free "Travel Pack" to ostomates. This contains a travel pack, travel wipes and a bottle of Eco-Hydra.
Call 0800 888 501 or visit their website -
I will review when mine arrives!

4th June 2015
Charter Healthcare have started some "tailor-made support" for Ostomates.
This is a free support program, open to all, that evolves over time to meet your changing needs. 
I am on this list, so sign up now! - at

4th June 2015
Ever wondered what it is like to have to wear a Stoma pouch 24/7? - The nearest comparison is to fill a pouch with thin porridge, and stick to your body.
If anyone actually wants to try this, PM me your name and address, and I will send a Stoma Pouch for you to try.
I will also enclose some adhesive removers, as the pouches are buggers to get off once stuck !

9th May 2015
The entire website crashed due to a DDoS attack - nice to know i'm popular! - have rebuilt and prevented this from happening again.

22nd April 2015
Worthing Hospital in association with Coloplast  have announced another of their popular "Stoma Care Information Day's" to be held on Thursday 7th May 2015 between 10.00 - 13.00.
This time, it will be held at The Chatsworth Hotel, Worthing. I'll be there. Will you ?

3rd March 2015
Peak Medical have brought out a new absorption capsule to help "bind" loose stoma output. Available also as a tablet, these are inserted into the stoma bag. This then uses the moisture in the bag to form a gel.
Called Gellymate, more details are available from this link.

3rd March 2015
Coloplast have brought out a new stoma bag called "Mio"  - available as both one piece and two piece appliances.

I have tried these, and find them much more comfortable than the traditional stoma bags. The fabric is softer, no shart corners, and the adhesive seems to be far superior to my usual one. The fabric seems to repel water better as well, meaning it is touch try as soon as you get out the shower. This allows me to keep the same bag on for three days, rather than the one day I am used to. It is also lighter. so it does not pull on my skin as much. All in all, I have now swapped to using this as my regular stoma bag. Samples are available from this link.

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